Pro-System NASCAR brake blower fan, SRS800

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The SRS800 is the only blower on the market with specific design and construction details to meet the demands of professional racing. This has been proven time after time in FIA Rally, Professional Sports Car in the US and Europe, NASCAR and other Oval Track and many non racing applications including the Georgia Highway Department.

The SRS800 comes with a fully developed inlet funnel. The blower can also be used without the inlet funnel. If properly installed the inlet funnel flange can be used as a load bearing mounting flange. The flange is marked in the manufacturing process for precise hole locations for mounting.

Much higher airflow than Attwood or Allstar Performance fans.

Key Features:
*Up to 253CFM airflow (26 m/sec airflow speed).
*9.7 amps current draw (@14VDC).
*If wired in series, total current draw @14VDC is 2.8 amps. Combined airflow from two fans is 300CFM (15.5 m/sec airflow x2).
*No airflow restriction up to 170mph (274kph).


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