Yokohama Racing Tyres

ADVAN racing tyres is the premium range from Yokohama Japan. The A005 and A006 tyres are used all over the globe in all levels of Motorsport.

The Medium (A60 and W60) compound is very well suited in New Zealand for both Sprint and Endurance racing. We've seen tyres last over 2-hours in the right conditions are still produce consistent and excellent lap times. This compound "turns on" extremely quickly, you dont need to wait 4 laps for the tyres to produce grip.

Soft (A40) compound is suitable for qualifying and Sprint races, typically we wouldn't recommend this for endurance racing applications.

Hard (A80) compound is suitable to high loaded applications like the rear of the 991 Porsche Cup Car, or in very high temperatures.

Pressures - this can vary massively over each tyre and chassis. Typically a "Hot" pressure between 26-28 psi is good. Normally anything over 30psi will result in the driver noticing a reduction in tyre performance. Yokohama does not recommend driving on a tyre at less than 19psi.

Please take note of each tyres "Listed Size" and "Actual Size". "Tread Width" and "Section Width" are all listed in the links below.