ENDLESS Compound Selector

ENDLESS produces an amazing range of compounds to suit virtually any application of street, track or racing cars.

ENDLESS make some of the best brake pads in the world. With over 40 different compounds, there is something to suit everyone's needs whether you're driving a street car or a 24hr endurance car. 

This page will help you to understand the compounds that we have available and how to choose them. If you're event in doubt or want something clarified - please contact us.

Typical Compounds from ENDLESS, but not limited to: 
Street: SSY, SSS, SSM. 
Street/Track: MX72, MX72-Plus, Type-R, CCRg. 
Racing: S55G, ME22, ME20, N35S, N05U, N05S, S41S. 
Advanced Racing: T47G, T43A, T76E, TQB, S33O, S58O. 
Endurance: MA45B, MA45C, YZ080, YZ421. 
Carbon Disc Specific: W007, W008.

EP = Japanese Pad Shapes.
EIP = European (Import) Pad Shapes. 
RCP = Racing Caliper Pad Shapes.

Example brake pad part number: RCP050N35S (18mm).

"RCP" is the code prefix which means Racing Caliper Shape. 
"050" is the actual pad shape which is tied to the RCP prefix. 
"N35S" is the compound code of this pad shape. 
"(18mm)" is the total thickness of the pad, including the backing plate.

Street Compounds

SSY – 0-400ºC, 0.35-0.45µ.

The perfect ENDLESS entry level brake pad from ENDLESS. Suitable for family cars and fast street cars where peace of mind for performance and safety is paramount. 

SSS - 0-480ºC, 0.38-0.45µ.

A step up from SSY in every aspect, SSS has increased performance and a higher temperature threshold. Suitable for towing and heavier vehicles, or cars with higher braking requirements.

SSM-Plus (MP) - 0-530ºC, 0.30-0.40µ.

The premium street compound, SSM-Plus also has the longest life and lowest brake dust available on the market. Excellent cold performance with low noise and low disc wear. Suitable for all car tyres, perfect for high-end Euro cars which are typically very hard on brakes (Audi RS6 etc). 


Street+Track Compounds

MX72 - Perfect as an entry level street/track compound. Noise is almost always low, some calipers can be troublesome to keep quiet (Evo Brembo etc). Disc wear and pad dust is low for street driving. Cold performance is good after only one application. If MX72 doesn't have enough high temperature wear - then use ME22 compound.

CCRg – Designed as a heavier duty version of MX72, CCRg is great for street/track cars just like MX72. But for those that want slightly more performance and better wear rate, without going to ME22/ME20. This compound was reformulated in 2017.


Standard Racing Compounds

S55G - Lower friction and softer than ME22 with better response. "Low" friction compound that is designed for use with a brake booster systems. Excellent modulation and has a flat torque curve. Mostly used on the rear axle as the low friction and good response stabilised the rear end.

ME22 - Prosport Auto's new favourite compound for street, track and entry level racing. Disc and pad wear is amazing. Temperature generation is lower than ME20 and N35S. Cold performance is great and noise is normally low. If disc temperatures are not too high, pad wear is excellent (better than N35S/ME20). Used exclusively in 2KCup cars. Better than MX72 for heavy track used street-cars. Friction performance is similar Ferodo DS3000.

ME20 - Very versatile compound from ENDLESS. Most suited to medium conditions and is an excellent rear pad because of it's low temperature performance. Friction performance is similar to Pagid RST3 but wear and pedal feel is normally better.

N35S - ENDLESS' "Go-to" compound for many applications. Suitable for a huge range of conditions. Good performance from cold. If disc temperatures are below 650ºC then disc and pad wear rates are excellent. Good high initial bite. Similar friction levels to Hawk DTC70, PFC01.

S41S - Very good allround compound like N35S, but designed for heavy conditions. Can react well even at very high temperatures. Can be used on front and rear axles. Friction is "medium" and very stable, giving great confidence.

N05U - Standard Compound that Prosport Auto recommends for 997 Cup Cars. Easy to bed, brakes start to work after only a few applications. Bite is better than N35S/ME20 and disc wear is very good. May cause the disc to "work" a little harder than lower friction compounds. Disc wear is really good, even when temperatures are high. Softer than N35S and N05S compounds.

N05S – Very high friction compound for Touring cars and Muscle Cars. If conditions are too heavy, please use S41S or TQB. Otherwise pad life and performance is excellent. Being an aggressive compound, this may cause some disc wear. It works well from low pressure, but does require some disc temperature to work properly. Bed-In requires high temperature to burn off the resin correctly. 

N30C - Soft, high friction compound. Similar friction to S33O but with faster wear and kinder to disc at low temperature scenarios. Light/medium conditions compound.

Advanced Racing Compounds

T47G - Rear compound only - designed for medium/heavy duty rear brakes, mostly GT3/Touring cars. Similar to Pagid RS19-5. Great compliment to YZ080/YZ421 and MA45B where conditions aren't too heavy. Lower cost than normal endurance compounds. Very flat torque curve for cars that have rear locking problems, even with ABS.

T43A - New semi-enduro compound in 2017. Around 20-30% less life than MA45B compound, but more initial bite and coefficient of friction. Similar to ME20/N35S performance with better wear. Flat torque curve, can be used on front or rear axles. Will take some warming up to get the friction to build up - please warm up correctly on your first lap.

W003 - Longest wearing "sprint" compound from ENDLESS. Suitable for GT racing, sprint racing, semi-endurance and rally. If conditions are not too heavy, then wear rate is excellent (lasts approx 50% longer than N35S/N05U). If conditions are too heavy, then when the compound overheats it can generate more heat. This compound will essentially not fade, so can cause disc damage if used too hot. The brake system must be capable to use this compound. 

T76E - New Sprint compound in 2017. Harder wearing than N05U but similar friction to N05U/N05S. Better initial response than W003/S41S, brakes will well from a few applications (read: cold). Excellent modulation for low grip tyres and tracks. Works well under all conditions - light/medium/heavy. Excellent results with 991 Cup Cars.

TQB - Evolution from S41S compound. Designed for heavy duty sprint racing with heavy conditions, or medium conditions with semi-enduro focus (up to 1000km). Can wear discs if run below 400ºC as the disc lubrication layer requires high temperature and conditions/pressure. Wear rate is similar to S41S, but wears faster than W003. Very kind to disc even with heavy conditions (GTR R35). Good for GT3 cars with well setup chassis and balance. 

S58O - Lower friction than S33O (below). Ideal to be used as a rear compound with S33O front for maximum stopping power. Harder than N05U/N05S compounds. Flat torque curve, so it's suitable for rear use. Of course - can you be used on the front also.

S33O – Extremely high friction sprint compound. Harder than N05U/N05S compounds. If temperatures are controlled (between 450-650ºC) then disc wear is excellent. Best suited for medium conditions, please use TQB if wear is too fast. Slightly rising torque curve.


Endurance Compounds

MA45B - Standard Enduro compound for light to medium conditions. For heavy conditions use Sintered or MA45C. If rotor temps get out of control then pads will wear quickly. Perfect for 12-24hr Porsche 997 & 991 racing. Disc wear is excellent. Better wear than Pagid Yellow and doesn't crumble. Initial bite good, but pedal effort may be high. Tune master cylinders and driving style to suit. Possible to see triple the life over ME22/ME20.

MA45C - Heavier duty version of MA45B. Requires high temperature and pressure to bed-in correctly.

YZ080 (Sintered) - This compound will stabilise after bed-in and remain constant after that point. Generally well balanced with T47G or MA45B rear compound (458 chassis). After a point, friction will not increase with pressure. Monitor disc temps and maximum deceleration data for best brake pressure to use. Ultimate compound for GT3 cars with excellent response as the compound is extremely stiff.

YZ421 (Sintered) – Higher initial bite version of YZ080 used successfully in AMG SLS and Ferrari 458 Platforms. Perfect for GT3 style cars for sprint or enduro racing (12hr+)


Carbon Disc Specific Compounds

W007 - Racing. Suitable for Carbon Ceramic discs only for racing use. 

W008 - Street/Track. Better than factory "Carbon" pads for Porsche, Ferrari and Lambo etc. More initial bite, much better wear, better feel. Much better value than OEM pads, higher mileage per dollar. Disc wear is excellent, even when using on the track regularly.