Brake Pads

ENDLESS make some of the best brake pads in the world. With over 40 different compounds, there is something to suit everyone's needs whether you're driving a street car or a 24hr endurance car.

Typical Compounds from ENDLESS, but not limited to:
Street: SSY, SSS, SSM.
Street/Track: MX72, MX72-Plus, Type-R, CCRg.
Racing: S55G, ME22, ME20, N35S, N05U, N05S, S41S.
Advanced Racing: T47G, T43A, T76E, TQB, S33O, S58O.
Endurance: MA45B, MA45C, YZ080, YZ421.
Carbon Disc Specific: W007, W008.

EP = Japanese shapes.
EIP = European (Import) Shapes.
RCP = Racing Caliper Shapes.