NEO Synthetics HP800 Motorsport Wheel Bearing Grease

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Neo Synthetics Waterproof HP800 Multipurpose grease. NEO HP800 Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure grease for plain and rolling element bearings, wheel bearings, and sliding mechanisms operating in generally difficult conditions. Exceptionally resistant to water wash out including emulsions, NEO HP800 was designed specifically for precision rolling element bearings in high performance racing cars.

This grease is slightly thinner in consistency and has a higher viscosity synthetic fluid incorporated in its design as compared to greases normally used for passenger vehicles and is designed to lubricate to 425 degree C (800 degree F).

NEO HP800 multipurpose grease is designed for the peripheral speeds encountered by wheel bearings in racing which are 3 to 6 times that of passenger cars and prevent channeling of the grease under these conditions which requires a lighter consistency product.

Due to the excessive heat generated by over-sized disk brakes, the fluid constituent of the grease is synthetic and of a higher viscosity so as to provide the proper oil viscosity at operating temperature, thereby preventing thin film rupture, and excessive wear.

Special additive technology and synthetic fluids give high film strength under EP conditions with exceptional oxidative and thermal stability. Can be used on sensitive metallurgy including copper, silver, tin, aluminum, and their alloys. Highly specialized mixed base complex soap structure provides high dropping point, mechanical and thermal stability. Low bleed characteristics insure protection at high temperature and high radial forces.

Jar = 454g, 1lb, 16oz.