BRIDE ZIEG IV - Fixed Back Bucket Seat

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*INDENT ORDER ONLY, Stock not held in NZ*

ZIEG IV is a full bucket seat that has been evolved to pursue high safety and the hold performance based on various racing experiences and feedback from professional drivers.

The entire shell has a deep hold shape with the round backrest line for wrapping the driver deeper and lower. Even in situations where high-speed cornering or high driving G is applied, the driver is firmly held for reliable driving operations.

The BRIDE patented LOWMAX system and the egg-shaped backrest provide a low seat position, ensuring an ideal eye point and driving position.

By adding more high-performance materials to the FRP shells (glass fiber and aramid fiber) that have been used so far, the shell rigidity has been increased by 15%. The seat cushion and thigh cushion, which are in close contact with the body, have newly adopted molded urethane to improve comfort and durability for long driving.

New model BRIDE seats have now adopted larger seat belt holes for added compatibility with HANS (FHR) devices, regardless of driver height and position.

Seat Weight: FRP - 7.6kg. Super Aramid - 7.6kg.
Prosport Auto's recommended fitment - 32" waist (~80kg) and smaller. 175cm or shorter.

BRIDE ZIEG IV is FIA Approved.

Ordering: BRIDE seats are made to order in Japan. Pricing includes ocean freight from Japan to Auckland. Please allow between 3-5 months once your order is placed.