BRIDE Stradia III - Reclining Bucket Seat

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*INDENT ORDER ONLY, Stock not held in NZ*

BRIDE's new flagship model to replace the STRADIA II seat. A new-generation reclining seat that combines a high level of holdability, convenience and accessibility.

STRADIAIII has a newly 3D-CAD designed monocoque body shell and frame inspired by the new ZETA IV model. The seat rigidity and strength of STRADIAIII have been greatly improved compared to STRADIAII. 

With a newly-developed reclining mechanism and one-touch reclining lever, aimed at maximal operability, convenience, and durability. It achieves more reliable holdability and comfort by suppressing backlash and vibrations through fine and tight adjustments.

New model BRIDE seats have now adopted larger seat belt holes for added compatibility with HANS (FHR) devices, regardless of driver height and position.

STRADIAIII is a new-generation reclining seat that combines the holdability required for circuit driving with the convenient and comfort required for everyday use at a high level. It is available in three colours, namely gradation logo, black and red. Two types of shell, FRP silver shell and super aramid black carbon shell. Also two types of cushions, standard and low type.

Seat Weight: FRP or Super Aramid - 14kg (including frame).

ORDERING: BRIDE seats are made to order in Japan. Pricing includes ocean freight from Japan to Auckland. Please allow between 3-5 months once your order is placed.

SHIPPING: As these are large items, shipping can be tricky in NZ. Please contact us for shipping pricing quotes.