Mitsubishi Evo 5-9 (with Brembo Brakes)


Everything you need here to get your Mitsi Evo stopping well on the track!

ENDLESS MX72 is a great street/track compound - Perfect for Powercruise and 4&R Chrome events.

ENDLESS ME22 is the next step up from MX72 for performance and heat resistance. ME22 is still road driveable, but this may cause noise with the factory Brembo calipers - these are hard to keep quiet!

ENDLESS N35S is for those really pushing the package that want maximum stopping power. Recommended for slicks and semi-slick tyres.

Our ENDLESS 1-piece discs are heat treated and slotted. All cast and machined in Japan, you can rest assured the quality of these are top notch. No Chinese castings here!