WedsSport TC105N (Clearance)

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The WedsSport TC105N is one of the lightest and strongest wheels on the market for the Japanese performance market.

With the 18x9.5J+10 and 18x10.5J+12 sizings being only 8.2kg and 8.3kg respectively, it really is an unfair advantage to have wheels of this weight and price point.

Normally to have something this lightweight to use for Motorsport applications would require forged magnesium alloy, and those wheels cost thousands of dollars each.

With the release of the WedsSport TC105X right around the corner, Prosport Auto would like to clearance out the last few sets of TC105N that we have in stock.

The TC105N is used on some of the fastest cars in Motorsport, namely the Tilton Interiors Evo that has multiple WTAC titles. This car uses the 18x10.5J+12 sizing which works perfectly with the 295/35R18 (or 295/30R18) ADVAN A050 semi slick control tyres.

These may require some serious modifications to your car to get them to fit - depending on the platform. Widebody will likely be a requirement, with the very least of running a wider front guard.